That's a video I recorded at a Surfer Blood show. I've watched it a couple times since I've uploaded it, and it always makes me smile/nod my head aggressively. I'm so glad I captured that moment, with that crazy drumming. » 3/18/10 11:50pm 3/18/10 11:50pm

Hamilton. You're a proud leftist. That's awesome. I'm one too. But the fact is that you can't compare Dead Prez and Jay-Z. Jay is the Saints, Dead Prez are Real Salt Lake. The two are playing different games, with different intent. What you're saying is like saying Eddie Vedder is a shit guitarist compared to Django… » 3/16/10 3:40pm 3/16/10 3:40pm

As for the last one, that's the method The Party uses in 1984 to kill Winston. He's not begging for death, but the whole point of putting him on random subcommittees, giving him a good life, was just for their own amusement, to prove that the state could triumph over all. It's pretty terrifying. » 3/01/10 8:46pm 3/01/10 8:46pm

Having just read Shirley's two blog posts, I feel very confident calling him either completely ignorant or a racist, probably both. Reading his posts, one would assume that the Haitian people just decided it would be easier to be lazy and poor then work hard, as opposed to being screwed by the world- and yes,… » 1/31/10 7:46pm 1/31/10 7:46pm